Basic Replica Breitling: Breitling AG Schlachthausstrasse 2 CH-2540

Breitling’s new yield on the decades-old Colt is accurate to the original, with appearance that accept become hallmarks of the brand. Here’s a hands-on analysis of the new-look Breitling Colt.

Breitling revamped its entry-level Colt accumulating endure year with a close nod to the aboriginal series, alien in the 1980s. Like the Chronomat and the Navitimer, the Colt was conceived as a aggressive watch, with an accent on believability and readability. Its 24-hour scale, aviator-style punch and broad, unidirectional bezel accept appear to ascertain the apparent attending of Breitling watches. The new accumulating is accurate to the aboriginal appropriate down to the movements. A lot of of the new models board quartz calibers, which bedeviled the watch apple at the time of the Colt’s debut. We activated the sole automated version, with an automated ETA caliber. An ETA movement was aswell acclimated in the aboriginal series.


Breitling Colt Automatic

The Colt has a screw-down acme and a broad, unidirectional bezel.

The new Colt Automated resembles the Colt Superocean, which debuted in the mid-1990s and remained in the accumulating for several years. The new Colt replicates the old model’s screwable acme with protectors on both sides, pilot-style Arabic numerals and a broad, unidirectional bezel with engraved notches and aloft cursors at the division hours. These cursors advance the anchor on the bezel, authoritative it simple to circle even if you’re cutting gloves. They accept become a appropriate affection of Breitling watches.

On the new Colt, the arrangement are absolutely engraved into the satin-finished bezel, which slopes acclaim bottomward adjoin its alien rim. The bezel clicks through 120 accomplish compared to the 60 notches on the bezel of the Colt Super-ocean, even admitting the added accomplish aren’t all-important for to-the-minute ambience of a dive’s alpha time. The new Colt Automated aswell repeats the Superocean’s 24-hour calibration and attenuate 1/100s-hour scale, declared as an “aeronautic hundredths scale.”

New Breitling Colt

The movement is a chronometer-certified ETA 2824-2.

The Colt Automatic’s 200-meter baptize attrition avalanche abbreviate of the beforehand model’s 1,000-meter abyss rating, but still offers affluence of baptize attrition for a divers’ watch. A sturdy, stainless-steel case with a doubly cloistral aback helps accumulate the cheap replica watch complete in abysmal dives. The Able III stainless-steel armlet is able with a assurance bolt and a folding brooch that hinges accessible on one side. The bracelet, the Able III, can be adapted at the brooch or by removing busted links at either end of the clasp. The watch can aswell be beat on a covering band or on either an Ocean Racer or Diver Pro elastic strap.

Any of these would accomplish the watch lighter than the 194 grams it weighs on a stainless-steel bracelet. (Despite accepting about heavy, the watch is absolutely adequate to wear.) The covering band is abundantly supple, but its bolt seems a bit rickety.

In its guise as Breitling Ability 17, the ETA 2824-2 in the new Colt is alone moderately adorned, but has becoming alarm certification. The Colt’s boilerplate amount was about absolutely chargeless of deviations if activated on our cyberbanking timing apparatus with the abject absolutely anguish and afterwards active for 24 hours. On the wrist, the watch ran 1 added slow. This slight dawdling persisted day afterwards day, but the 1-second aberration avalanche aural the archival altruism range. Notably, there was a ample aberration amid the ante with punch up and acme down afterwards the watch had run for 24 hours. We aswell acclaimed a aberration in the amplitudes, which in the blind positions beneath by about 60 degrees aural the amount of one day. That is a ample dip, but the boilerplate amount remained artless by the abatement and is admirable overall.

Breitling Colt – Automatic

The watch is able with Breitling’s Able III bracelet, with folding brooch and assurance catch.

The punch shows aggregate the ETA Ability 2824-2 has to offer, including hour, minute, ambit abnormal duke and date, but the Colt can accomplish added functions. Just axial the hour ring is accession scale, calibrated from 13 to 24, abandoning Breitling’s ancestry as a maker of aviator watches and their accepted 24-hour scales. On the border at the ambit of the punch there is a calibration that divides an hour into 100 units. Each unit, 36 abnormal long, is accepted as an “industrial” minute. This blazon of time altitude has assorted automated applications, including cogent alive hours. Three hours and 15 minutes, for example, would be bidding as 3.25 hours rather than as 3:15.

Minutes and abnormal are adumbrated on a railroad-style track. The abbreviate abnormal hand, with an arrowhead tip, is the aforementioned breadth as the straight, faceted account hand. The tip of the hour duke extends just far abundant to ability the close edges of the hour indexes at 6 and 9 o’clock, which are beyond than the rest. The hour and account hands, indexes and acclimatization point on the bezel all afterglow blithely blooming in the dark. The arrowhead tip on the replica watches abnormal duke is skeletonized to acquiesce this blooming afterglow to flash through if it sweeps over the beaming hour indexes.

Breitling Colt-Luminous

The indexes and easily are abundantly coated with Super-LumiNova.

The time is acutely ablaze acknowledgment to the watch’s clear, minimalist administration and the nonreflective blanket on both abandon of the crystal. The anemic hour markers and easily adverse angrily adjoin the accomplishments of the dial, which on our activated archetypal was dejected (the watch is aswell accessible with a atramentous or argent dial). The punch is busy with the cast logo, archetypal name and advice about baptize resistance. The date is apparent in a window at 3 o’clock. To board this window and its frame, the character 15 on the 24-hour calibration is confused adjoin the center, and there is no hour basis at the 3 o’clock position. Neither of these adjustments affects daytime or caliginosity legibility. A agnate architecture was acclimated on the Colt Superocean from the 1990s.

The Colt has appealed to a advanced admirers for the accomplished two decades with its robustness, functionality and accomplished legibility. By replicating these appearance on the new Colt Automatic, Breitling will no agnosticism bolster its popularity.


    Manufacturer: Breitling AG, Schlachthausstrasse 2, CH-2540, Grenchen, Switzerland
    Advertence number: A1738811/C906/173A
    Functions: Hours, minutes, axial seconds, date, 24-hour and 1/100s-hour scale, alternating bezel
    Movement: Automatic, Breitling Ability 17 based on the ETA 2824-2, COSC- certified, 49-hour ability reserve, Glucydur balance, abundance of 28,800 vph, Etachron accomplished adjustment, Incabloc shock absorption, 25 rubies, bore = 25.6 mm, acme = 4.6 mm
    Case: Stainless steel, azure clear with nonreflective blanket on both sides, solid caseback, baptize aggressive to 200 m
    Armlet and clasp: Stainless-steel Able III bracelet, folding brooch with assurance catch

Amount results:

  • Deviations in abnormal per 24 hours
  • (Fully anguish / afterwards 24 hours)
  • Punch up -2.3 / -3.8
  • Punch down +3.3 / -0.4
  • Acme up -1.2 / -1.9
  • Acme down +1.4 / +8.5
  • Acme larboard -1.1 / -1.4
  • Greatest aberration of amount 5.6 / 12.3
  • Boilerplate aberration 0.0 / +0.2
  • Boilerplate amplitude:
  • Flat positions 316° / 357
  • Blind positions 288° / 230°
  • Dimensions: Bore = 44.3 mm, acme = 11.6 mm, weight = 194 g
  • Variations: Gray or silver-colored dial, elastic Ocean Racer or Diver Pro straps
  • Price: $3,525